Mechanism Library

Here are some PDFs describing the construction of 5 different varieties of arm. This is a good place to start, as a good arm is central to a good robot.

Horizontally Stable Arm

If you're in the mood, look below to see some mechanisms we find neat.

Wooden Rack and Pinion

Rack and Pinion-Kevin Fialkowski
- gearing up the small motors to make them really fast for wheels
- gearing up the large motors for an arm if needed
- something else
-Brent Blasingame

Brent Blasingame

Jacob Lawler

Iris Mechanism - Amanda Rabalais and Toni Lunneman

"You Tube Video"

Lever-Actuated Iris Diaphragm - Lorenzo Sukhdeo

YouTube Video

Geneva Device
- Seward
Possible Uses: 
  • Turret that faces exactly toward each side.
  • Changable scoops.

Better Omni Wheels - Bryan Koch

Better Omni Wheels

Iris Mechanism - Amanda Rabalais and Toni Lunnemam

YouTube Video

Cool gear head for team

Four Bar Linked Gripper - Saul Hayden

YouTube Video

Speed Changing Gear System - Saul Hayden

YouTube Video

Gear system that changes direction - Jeremy Reynolds

YouTube Video

Possible applications:

Planetary gear mechanism created by hand - Jeremy Reynolds

YouTube Video

Capable of reducing high speeds to slow, powerful speeds.

Wankel Engine - Jeremy Reynolds
Though not a plausible design feature, the Wankel Engine is an internal combustion engine that is very similar to an eccentric rotary engine, capable of creating very smooth, efficient power.

first image

Step 1 — Roll Your Own Da Vinci Style Worm Gear.

first image

Step 2 Guide wrapped around dowel.

first image

Step 3 Cutting out worm.

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