Wheel Hubs

Though we won't be needing wheels for this year's competition, these will still be very useful for attaching motors to any spinning parts.

Materials: Pencil, 6"x6"x1/2" Aluminum plate, Drill, 3/16" Drill bit, Vertical Band Saw

1. Wheel hubs are made in pairs, so you will need to cut out two 1.5 inch by 1.5 inch squares from the aluminum plate

2. Draw the following pattern on each of the squares. In other words, divide the square into nine 0.5 inch squares, and then divide each of those squares into fours.

3. At the intersection of the lines in the top center and bottom center squares, drill a hole with a 3/16 drill bit. This hole will be used to attach the hubs to wherever you want them. In one of the squares, drill a hole in the very center. Make sure you only drill this center hole in one!

4. Use a vertical band saw to cut out the four corners squares from each pattern.

Your "squares" should now look like this (one with a hole in the center, and one without): 

5. Looking down from the top, mark a cross-hairs for your drill. Then, mount the aluminum pieces to a thick board of your choosing using the holes drilled earlier, and drill though the cross-hairs on the side.

6. Now cut thought the center line on the pattern.

7. Take one half of each of your pieces and put them together so that you get two hubs with a half-circle hole in the center. Bolt the halves around your motoCut the ends off of some of the bolts to make them fit.