Programming Tutorial

The links to the following videos are currently broken and will eventually be fixed.
If you have any questions regarding programming, wiring, or firmware flashing feel free to contact 
Yeongwoo Hwang ( or
Simon Boerwinkle (

Part 1.mp4

Part 1 - setting up ROBOTC and miscellaneous information.

Part 2.mp4

Part 2 - New program basics, declaring variables, if statements, and while loops.

Part 3.mp4

Part 3 - More on the while loop, inputting analog stick values from the VexNet Joystick, setting up motors, setting motor speeds, more on comparison operators.

Part 4.mp4

Part 4 - Inputting buttons from the VexNet Joystick, introduction of 'else' statement, overview of other C Constructs.

Part 5.mp4

Part 5 - Walkthrough of MGM Mark 2's code

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