Motor Mounts

Materials: PVC tube, ruler, writing utensil, chop saw, vertical band saw, large motor, heat gun, two small blocks of wood, drill, 3/16” drill bit, gloves, and safety glasses.

1. Using a writing utensil, mark out a band 2 inches wide on the PVC.

2. Take the PVC tube to a compound saw or other form of chop saw and cut along the mark previously made (don't forget eye protection!).

3. Next, use a vertical band saw or other form of saw to cut the band width-wise so it is no longer a continuous circle (don't forget eye protection!).

4. Using the heat gun (don't forget gloves!), heat the PVC until it is malleable.

5. Take a flat object and use it to press down on the PVC until it cools, flattening out the PVC.

6. Then, use a ruler to measure out two 5” strips from the flattened PVC band.

7. Next, use the compound saw or other form of chop saw to cut the band into two five-inch strips.

8. Use the ruler to mark halfway on each of the PVC strips (to make the next few steps easier).

9. Take the heat gun and heat up one of the strips until it is malleable again.

10. Next, take the malleable strip and lay it on the large motors and use the two small blocks to press on each side of the motor, forming the strip into an upside down U shape. Hold until the strip cools enough to retain its shape.

11. Then, use the ruler and writing utensil to mark a 2 inch by 1.5 inch hole pattern on the “wings” of the mounts.

12. Finally, use a drill to drill the holes.