Defining the Problem

    The first step to a successful robot is the brainstorming process. The engineering design process begins with a definition of the problem to be solved. This includes relevant calculations and strategy planning.

    In this case, the team defined the problem as maximizing bug retrieval and point totals while keeping efficiency and simplicity of design high. Our team worked out game strategy using a table with several potential game plans included (see GameStrategy attachment). The available points for each plan were calculated and put in the table for comparison so that it would be easy to see which strategy had the greatest potential for scoring.

    Once the table was completed, it was analyzed by the entire team in terms of simplicity of design and construction, and the efficiency of potential designs. The team decided as a group that it was best to keep the strategy simple to avoid over-complicating driving and increasing likelihood of robot malfunction. From this analysis, the strategy was narrowed down to two potential game plans for which designs could be formulated.


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Sep 27, 2011, 9:36 PM